About Breathalyzer

ALCOFIND breathalyzer uses only fuel cell sensors for high-accuracy and reliability.

In the fuel cell sensor, alcohol molecules are oxidized by a nanometer-sized platinum catalyst, and the electrical energy generated is translated into an alcohol concentration reading. A special algorithm is applied to the process of converting electric energy to alcohol concentration, born of DA Tech’s extensive evolution and augmentation of algorithms, dating back to its initial development phase.

The strong point of fuel cells is that they react selectively with alcohol. Fuel cell does not react to other gas included in the exhalation and is not affected by a variety of substance in the surrounding environment.

Fuel cell-type breathalyzers with platinum catalyst require higher manufacturing costs than their semiconductor-type counterparts. However, fuel cell-type breathalyzers demonstrate more accurate measurement results and reliability, as well as incomparable long-term stability. Fuel cell-type breathalyzer can be developed and manufactured to suit various environments and purposes, ranging from general industrial to professional use.

DA Tech maximized the fuel cell method advantage through continuous sensor algorithm development, and built production systems optimized for all users with high-quality and high-performance at a reasonable price.